Team building

Do you believe in teamwork?

Are you looking for a unique team building activity?

Escape Games Beirut welcomes you to the new smart fun!

In any of our games, you and your team will have to work together as a cohesive unit. You must rely on each other and use your communication skills, decision making and creative genius to escape a room.

To achieve a successful escape requires the same set of skills and competencies needed to run a successful business:

  • COMMUNICATE – share what you find
  • LISTEN – open your mind to other possibilities
  • LEAD – take decisions and delegate
  • STRATEGIZE – plan and prioritize
  • WORK TOGETHER – cooperate and collaborate
  • THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX – analyse and be creative
  • THINK POSITIVE – believe in your team and never give up

Our team building activity allows you to discover and analyze your team's skills in a fun, constructive and unique experience! This experience will contribute to building rapport among team members and increasing employee engagement.

Enter as a group, but exit as a team!